04 Sep 2018, The Laity Must Demand That We be Taught Catholicism, not Modernism

Today’s Topics:


1) Oath Against Modernism


2) The Sermon That Cost a Brave Priest (Juan Carlos Gavancho) His Job, September 3, 2018


3) The Catholic Abuse Scandals Are Not Only a Massive Betrayal of The Faithful But Also May Eviscerate an Institution That Does Valuable Work


4) Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis on Saturday Issued a Call to Clear up Oceans Threatened by Plastic Waste and Underscored the Need to Provide Drinking Water to All as a Basic Right.  Now What About the Plastic Clergy Littering the Vatican and Polluting the Living Waters That Christian Souls Crave?  The Pope Seems to Have Willfully Veered From the Spiritual Responsibilities of His Divine Office to Avoid Purging His Lavender Mafia


5) Growing List of Prelates Backing Vigano’s Letter  



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