02 May 22 – Virgin Most Powerful with Sir Knight Danny Rodriguez

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Today’s Topics:

1) The dogmas concerning Mary in the Catholic Church are:
Mary – Mother of God (Theotokos)
Mary – Ever-Virgin (conceived supernaturally)
Mary – The Immaculate Conception (conceived without sin)
Mary  – Assumed, body and soul, into Heaven
In the Litany of Loreto, the title of Mary as Virgin Most Powerful is particularly disliked by demons.  It is Mary’s perpetual virginity that the demons abhor,

2) Sir Knight Danny Rodriguez, from La Puente Council 4436, tells the story of his faith by retracing his grandfather’s journey from Mexico to the United States as a result of the persecution of Catholics in Mexico in the 1920’s,

3) Brother Knight Danny was asked to become a Knight of Columbus on many occasions and declined.  He eventually joined and became active in a Knights a Capella group which led to an all Knights choir at St. Martha Church in Valinda, CA.

4) Brother Danny is the chairperson for the Knights of Columbus Silver Rose Program in the San Gabriel Valley.

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