Jesus 911

Three ex-cops on fire with the Catholic Faith: Jesse Romero, Eddie Chavez and Ruben Nava share true stories of spiritual warfare from the streets of L.A. Join the SOUL PATROL as they take on the world, the flesh and the devil with “just the facts!”

14 Jan 22 – Satan’s Bodily Targets

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) Interview with Father Dave Nix – Satan targets: man’s heart & woman’s life-giving organs 3, 4) Discussing the protest against the satanic conference – the dos and don’ts

13 Jan 22 – Miracles of Jesus

Today’s Topics: 1) Alabama coach, Nick Saban, credits his Catholic faith with his success 2) What smoking marijuana every day does to you 3, 4) Miracles of Jesus in the Gospels

12 Jan 22 – Are Globalists Trying to Connect with Demons?

Today’s Topics: 1) Occult ritual opens Europe’s largest train tunnel in front of Europe’s leaders 2) Inaugurating a New World Order ruled by Satan 3) Satanic ceremony nobody seemed to notice 4) Switzerland Gotthard Tunnel ceremony

11 Jan 22 – Cardinal Cupich Heckled During Pro-Life Rally

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) Chicago Cardinal Heckled & Booed During Pro-Life Rally 3) Jesus 911 listener talks about how his Catholic Faith helped him survive prison 4) Christian nurse forced out for wearing a crucifix tells her troubling story

06 Jan 22 – 12 Takeaways from the Rogan/Dr. Malone Interview

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) Top 12 takeaways from the Joe Rogan and Dr.Robert Malone interview 3) Facebook admits the truth: “Fact checks” are really just (leftist) opinions  4) Mass Formation psychosis explains Antonio Brown’s meltdown far more than CTE. Professional sports are no longer a force for good; they do not unify us

05 Jan 22 – Are Mad Scientists Trying to Conjure Demons from Hell?

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3, 4) Cern and Bible prophecy. The idea of a tunnel (wormhole) leading to another dimension, or a black hole, is very much at the heart of CERN! And guess what term scientists often use to describe a black hole? “bottomless pit.” CERN, in French, means European Organization for Nuclear Research

04 Jan 22 – Fake Theology Behind the Vaccine Mandates

Today’s Topics: 1)  These stores are closing due to lost profits from smash-and-grab robberies 2, 3, 4) Dr. Janet Smith:  Fake theology behind vaccine mandates