Jesus 911

Three ex-cops on fire with the Catholic Faith: Jesse Romero, Eddie Chavez and Ruben Nava share true stories of spiritual warfare from the streets of L.A. Join the SOUL PATROL as they take on the world, the flesh and the devil with “just the facts!”

14 Oct 21 – Eucharistic Miracles, the Movie

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3, 4) Interview with Guests Ray Grijalba & Robert Renzi from “Eucharistic Miracles”

13 Oct 21 – Demon: The Vax Consecrates the Vaccinated to Satan

Today’s Topics: 1) Archbishop Cordileone calls abortion bill child sacrifice, urges prayer and fasting 2, 3, 4) During an Exorcism, demons say the vax consecrates the vaccinated to Satan

12 Oct 21 – Evil Designs of the Plan-demic Cult

Today’s Topics: 1,2 3, 4) This article, from way before 2020, an overview of covid and vax hoax by a team of doctors, lays out the plans and evil designs of the plan-demic, the globalist agenda, and the Covid Cult, which will usher in the new world order. Lockdowns and control were always part of …

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11 Oct 21 – We Get the Kings We Deserve

Today’s Topics: 1) Why do people believe that Adam and Eve ate an apple when the bible does not say so? Are apples evil fruit? 2, 3, 4) Scripture – The kings we deserve

07 Oct 21 – Houdini: Master of Illusion; Christ: Master of All

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) Father Steve Gallagher’s journey from cop to Priest 3) Houdini: Master of illusion; Christ: Master of all 4) Denver police officer and father of four takes the jab and now cannot walk

05 Oct 21 – 12 Ways to Become a Committed Catholic Man

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) Moving, inspirational sermon by a Priest on saving souls for Christ Jesse and Ruben give you their takeaways 3, 4) 12 ways to become a committed Catholic man

04 Oct 21 – CA Murder Rate Increases by 30%

Today’s Topics: 1) Nancy Pelosi makes TELLING slip about who’s actually president 1, 2)  California’s new crime math alters FBI 2020 crime data that shows murder rate increased 30% 3, 4) There are no space aliens