The Dr. Luis Sandoval Show

Dr. Luis Sandoval, Psychiatrist on the Healing and Deliverance Ministry in the Diocese of Orange, offers weekly insight into issues of mental health, the discernment of spirits and healing for mind, soul, and body.

23 Jun 22 – It’s the Little Things

Today’s Topics: 1) Jesus tells us we need to be trusted in the littlest of things first, in order to succeed in the big ones 2) Jesus is going to ask us for the simple things 3) Saint Therese the Little Way 4) Bible Verses on living a simple life …

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16 Jun 22 – Saint Margaret Mary, Loss of Parents, and the Sacred Heart

Today’s Topics: 1, 2)  Who is Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque? 3) Adopted Child Syndrome 4) Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

09 Jun 22 – Help! My Family is Influenced by the Devil

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3, 4) What if my family member or friend is influenced by the devil or has been dabbling in the occult?

02 Jun 22 – Become a Saint Now!

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3, 4) Saints Paul, Peter, and John Paul II: How can these Saints help us on our journey to sainthood?

26 May 22 – Fighting for the Eucharist

Today’s Topics: 1) What does the Catechism tell us about the Eucharist? Am I in the states of Grace? 2) Archbishop Cordileone vs politicians 3,4) Fighting for the Eucharist: How do I present myself, and, am I willing to fight for Christ?

19 May 22 – My Husband Rejects Me: What Now?

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3, 4) There are different ways to reject a spouse: Out of spite, or out of guilt.  Let’s see what the Catechism says about marriage

12 May 22 – Abortion and Fatherhood in Modern Times

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) What is going on with abortion politics? 3, 4) How do fathers make a difference in our families?

05 May 22 – Anxiety, Depression, Despair, and Final Impenitence

Today’s Topics: 1) Social definition of Anxiety vs Clinical Definition of Anxiety 2) Social definition of Depression vs Clinical Definition of Depression 3). Social Definition of Despair vs Catholic Church definition of Despair 2091 The first commandment is also concerned with sins against hope, namely, despair and presumption: By despair, man ceases to hope for his personal …

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28 Apr 22 – Be On Guard: The Devil No Longer Hides

Today’s Topics: 1) Regina Caeli during Eastertide 2) Teach Children to Kill God? 3) Teach Children about the Devil? 4) Even Hollywood knows the Devil Exists – We must choose and teach our children about GOD!

21 Apr 22 – Divine Mercy vs Despair and Temptations

Today’s Topics: 1) Regina Caeli – Prayer instead of the Angelus during Eastertide 2) What is an Octave? 3, 4) Despair and Temptations during Church Holidays Saint Faustina: Entries 77 and 78 from Divine Mercy Diary How to gain Plenary Indulgence on Divine Mercy Sunday