The Dr. Luis Sandoval Show

Dr. Luis Sandoval, Psychiatrist on the Healing and Deliverance Ministry in the Diocese of Orange, offers weekly insight into issues of mental health, the discernment of spirits and healing for mind, soul, and body.

05 Aug 21 – Marriage Is Awful… Without Christ

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3) People regret their choice to get married as it is not always what we envision 4) What the Church teaches of matrimony as a Sacrament by Fulton Sheen

29 Jul 21 – The Saints Are Crazy and So Are We

Today’s Topics: 1, 2) Saints who suffered mental illness 3) We will be thought of as crazy if we follow our faith 4) How we use our faith to overcome the world and rely on God to cure our mental, spiritual and physical illnesses

15 Jul 21 – Is Anxiety A Problem? What Can We Do About It?

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3) Trish from VMPR joins us to discuss anxiety – What does it mean – Different treatments – Different options 4) Saints who experienced anxiety

08 Jul 21 – The 10 Commandments and Mental Health

Today’s Topics: 1) Exodus 20: 1-18 The 10 Commandments – Guide in the wilderness coming out of Egypt 2) Commandments 1-3 – Pride, Narcissism, Depression 3) Commandments 4-6 – Life vs Death – Stress and anxiety 4) Commandments 7-8 Pride – Depression, Anxiety 9-10 Pride – I Deserve Better, Depression, Anxiety

01 Jul 21 – Sticks and Stones – Words Matter

Today’s Topics: 1) Matthew 12:36-37 – we will be judged by every word we speak – we can hurt and kill others and ourselves with the words we use and the thoughts we think 2, 3) John 1: 1-5 Words have the power to give life and overcome darkness 4) Holy Hour Challenge – Final …

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17 Jun 21 – Taking Heaven for Granted and the Depression of Hell

Today’s Topics: 1) Coffee and Therapy Case Studies in Depression 2) Saints who saw hell and how it compares to depression 5 Saints Who Had Terrifying Visions of Hell 10 Quotes About Hell from the Saints that Just Might Scare You Into Heaven 3) The Demons of Depression 4) Holy Hour Challenge – Love

03 Jun 21 – The Family and the Final Battle

Today’s Topics: 1) Prophecies of the Final Battle 2) Coffee and Therapy 3) How do we lead the family 4) Holy Hour Challenge – Hope