02 Oct 2019 – Looking at the Most Popular (Self-Proclaimed) Protestant “Exorcist” 1] Fake, 2] Plagiarized Imitation of Catholicism or 3] Wanna Be Catholic Priest?

Today’s Topics:

1] Meet the Exorcist Who Claims He Expelled Demons From ‘Dr. Phil’ Guest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF9jVgVLWaQ (from 42 seconds 2:33 am).

2] Bob Larson (protestant minister) who calls himself an exorcist – he considers himself the worlds foremost expert on cults, the occult and the preternatural phenomena – https://www.boblarson.org/religious-mission-statement/

3] Bob Larson (protestant minister) Spiritual Freedom Churches are internationally affiliated congregations fulfilling Christ’s mission to preach the Gospel, heal the broken-hearted, and set the captive free -.https://www.boblarson.org/religious-churches/