03 Oct 22 – Saints with Isaac Cuevas

Today’s Topics:

1) The focus of this show is on Sainthood and two modern Saints, in particular, Saint Mother Teresa and Saint Padre Pio. A brief description of what makes a person a Saint is provided, and we discuss the importance of modeling our lives after those Holy men and women,

2) In this segment, Isaac Cuevas is introduced, and we hear about his work with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. As a Knight of Columbus, he strives daily to love his fellow man as we see the Saints doing,

3) In this segment we discuss Saint Mother Teresa, who spent her life devoted to those who are most vulnerable and were in need of love and compassion. Saint Mother Teresa was a champion of “the least of us” and frequently stood up to the authorities. Her life story is now a movie, which was produced by the Knights of Columbus. It will air in theatres on October 3rd and 4th. Please use the link below for additional details, 

4) In the final segment we take a look at Saint Padre Pio and his wonderful life of virtue. He provides a great example of how we can overcome the trials of life when we turn to God for help and the saints for their intercession. A brief discussion of the upcoming movie is also provided.

Theme: “Salve Regina” performed by Floriani. All rights reserved. Used with permission.
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