06 Jun 22 – Catholic Masculinity

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Today’s Topics:

1) Masculinity is the quality or nature of the male species. Man is created by God as a human person who can begin and control his own actions. He is meant to seek God and gain perfection by cleaving to him,

2) What exactly is Catholic masculinity? It is the behaviors exemplified by Christ, the God-man, here on earth. These behaviors can be distilled to one word…. sacrifice,

3) Why do we need Catholic Masculinity? Our society is lacking Catholic masculinity. The
virtues displayed by Christ, endowed in us by the Holy Spirit is the cure for what ails
our society today,

4)  How do we rediscover our Catholic masculinity?  Seven practical steps to Catholic masculinity are:  Mass, adoration, reconciliation, prayer time, personal meditation on Scripture, and sacrifice. 

Fr. Hollowell sermon:
Into the Breach videos:

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