07 Nov 22 – The Communion of Saints with Thomas Rudkins

Today’s Topics:

1) The show opens with a brief discussion on the Communion of Saints and how we as the Church Militant work in concert with the intercession of the Church Triumphant for the souls in Purgatory, known as the Church Penitent,

2) In this segment, brother Knight, Thomas Rudkins talks about growing up with his family in Oklahoma and being surrounded by his family’s faith and then searching for his vocation, before finding his calling to the Pro-Life arena,

3) Thomas discusses starting Options United, a digital based pro-life organization, which focuses on providing women and men in crisis pregnancy situations with the information and assistance needed to make an informed choice for the mother and child,

4) In the final segment we discuss how Catholic men can assist with the pro-life causes. We, as Knights and Catholics, are part of the Church Militant and we are encouraged to fight for life at all of its stages, through prayer and actions.

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