08 Jun 23 – Smoke Them Out: Cleansing the Home for the Sacred Heart

Today’s Topics:

1, 2, 3, 4) How do you get darkness out of your house during the month of the Sacred Heart? ¬†You smoke it out… with incense

As a family, we took a Thurible and incense used at church, got our children to carry it, and walked around the house praying different prayers to invite the Sacred Heart.

Matthew Chapter 12:43-45. Jesus tells us what happens to a clean house, put in order but not filled with holiness.

We filled the house with holy prayers:
The Angelus
Prayer to Saint Michael
Prayer to Saint Raphael
The Creed
Our Father

Hail Mary
Glory Be…
Asked all Saints and Angels to pray for us
Sacred Heat Novena

All in anticipation for enthroning the Sacred Heart