09 Jan 23 – New Year Road Trip: Pona Magana, Juan Torres & Raul Martinez

Today’s Topics:

1) Knight Moves begins 2023 anew on the road.  Hosts Greg Keller and Mark Edward Padilla traveled to Visalia which is in California’s Central Valley and is the gateway city to the Sequoia and King Canyons National Forests.  Visalia was the host to the Knights of Columbus California State Council’s Midterm District Deputy Meeting from January 6-8, 2023.  District Deputies are Brother Knights who minister to an average of four Councils (four Churches or group of Churches),

2) Jose “Pona” A. Magana is from Council 13403, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Pona is the Supreme Representative for Hispanic and Ethnic Growth in California.  He challenges men to take the lead in our Catholic faith in their own homes and communities.  The Knights of Columbus can assist a man in this effort as it has done in his own life,

3) District Deputy Juan Torres is from Council 16732, San Juan Diego de San Bernardino.  Juan is the California State Council’s Hispanic Membership Director.  Born a Catholic he left the Church as a younger man and explored non-Catholic Christianity.  Upon coming home to our Faith and reinvigorated with the Holy Spirit, Juan joined the Knights to put his faith into action,

District Deputy Raul Martinez is from Council 4000, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Calexico.  Raul assists Pona and Juan with the Hispanic and Ethnic Growth in California.  Raul recounted a speech a Priest had presented at a Knights of Columbus San Diego Chapter Meeting.  The Priest stated that when a man leads his family in going to Sunday Mass the children are more likely to remain Catholic.

4) Pona stated that men should not be “macho” in their role as the leader of the family.  We are to sacrificially serve our family as Jesus sacrificed His life for us

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