11 Aug 22 – Dark Days: Weaponizing the FBI Against Political Enemies

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Today’s Topics:  

1) Trump: These are dark times… lawlessness, political persecution; Marco Rubio on Biden’s FBI Raid “to persecute political opponent (Trump) is something we have seen many times from Third World Marxist dictatorships, but never in the United States… Until now 

2) Details emerge about what FBI agents were searching for in raid on Trump home 

3) Science and God: Stephen C. Meyer wrote in Newsweek about the widespread notion that scientific progress makes belief in God less tenable. This thinking is based on a misunderstanding of science, Meyer argues. “Yet, between message and reality, there is a major disconnect. Over the last century, important scientific discoveries have dramatically challenged science-based atheism, and three in particular now tell a decidedly more God-friendly story.” 

4) Men defend women’s care centers: Men of Christ Madison, a Catholic men’s group in Wisconsin, has begun stationing men overnight at a local crisis pregnancy center to ward off vandals amid a nationwide rash of attacks on pro-life clinics. Men of Christ Madison President Dave Yanke lamented the lack of response on the part of law enforcement – from the Department of Justice down – as attacks on pro-life locations continue to rise