12 Sep 22 – The Knights of Columbus

Today’s Topics:

1) The Knights of Columbus was started in New Haven, Conn. by Fr. Michael McGivney, to help combat anti-Catholic sentiment and provide material support to widows and orphans. It has since grown to over $100 Billion in life insurance and billions of dollars in charitable support around the globe,

2) Mark describes an encounter with anti-Catholicism earlier in the day at the closing of the jubilee year for the Mission San Gabriel de Archangel. This is something the Knights of Columbus has always worked against and continues today, by spreading the truth of our Catholic Faith,

3) The primary goal 0f the Knights of Columbus Councils is to assist their pastor with his many activities.  The priests are our Spiritual Shepards and help us follow the correct path, but the Knights are there to help him with everything else. We are also active in the Community helping to promote our Life activities,

4) In this last segment, we discuss the faith enrichment programs that the Knights are promoting, like “Into the Breach” which developed out of an Apostolic Exhortation from Bishop Olmsted,

The Knights are always looking to help grow in the faith and help our brothers and families as well

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