12 Sep 22 – Underpopulation: The Coming Global Crisis

Today’s Topics:
1) Gospel – Lk 7:1-10 – I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith.
Feast the Most Holy Name of Mary
Blessed Mother, pray for us!
2) Self-proclaimed “devout” Catholic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, calls pro-life laws “sinful.”
Underpopulation is the coming global crisis no one is talking about
3) Ask Father: “I have often felt used and abused spiritually, psychologically and emotionally by bitchy, nosy, petty, likely psychopathic/narcissist church people “
4) Catholic 101: Why celibacy? Sister Anna Maria McGuan: “Living chastity for the kingdom of heaven is not ‘unnatural’ — it is supernatural. It is to live as God’s messenger, all day, every day”