13 Mar 23 – Lent and Life with Dr. Paddy Baggot

Today’s Topics:

1) The show opens with the etymology of the words Lent, Quadragesima, and Triduum. The Lenten focus for the show is on the almsgiving aspect that leads to supporting the pro-life movement and how the guest, Dr. Paddy Baggot is deeply involved,

2) Dr. Baggot joins the show and discusses his educational path and how his faith led him to his current practice of Obstetrics and gynecology with a focus on saving the life of the infant,

3) Dr. Baggot shares several stories of how an ultrasound machine, donated by the Knights of Columbus has impacted the decisions of several undecided mothers-to-be to choose life. He also shares some stories of how his practice has been at the forefront of reversing the RU486 (abortion pill),

4) In the final segment, Dr. Baggot continues to discuss the impacts of the Knights of Columbus efforts to support the Pro-Life movement by supporting their local pregnancy help centers and fulfilling their almsgiving commitment,

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