13 Oct 22 – CA Now “Sanctuary” for Children’s “Trans” Surgery

Today’s Topics:

1) Parishioners pushed to vote to remove Sheriff Villanueva by Father Brendan Busse from the Dolores Mission Catholic Church 
Measure A: Priest accused of endorsing removal of LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva (foxla.com)

2) California is now “sanctuary” for children’s “trans” surgery: Gov. Newsom signed legislation to block state officials from enforcing other states’ laws against subjecting children to “gender-transition” surgeries and drugs. Speaking in favor of the law, Newsom has touted the idea of making California a “sanctuary state” for “transgender” procedures. The law could, among other things, prevent an out-of-state parent from intervening to rescue his or her child from a sexual surgery arranged by the other parent during a custody dispute

3, 4) Father Josia Trenham, an Antiochian Orthodox Priest from Riverside, CA, speaks on the cult of confusion