13 Sep 21 – Fraternity and Brotherhood

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Today’s Topics:
1) In the first segment the guys introduce the topic of fraternity and how the Proverb, “Iron
sharpens iron,” is essential for the Catholic man today. One such fraternity of Catholic men sharpening one another is the St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Group which is comprised of Brother Knights of Columbus from across the nation
2) Ernie Lopez, the founder of St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Group, recounts his brush with death while in service to our nation in the Middle East, and how it brought him back into his Catholic faith
3) Chief Eddie Brock spoke of his enduring love for the Catholic faith, yet at one point considered becoming a Mason, and instead joined the Knights of Columbus. Through his dedication to the Faith, he was drawn into the reverence displayed in the St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Group
4) Brother Knight Rich Reardon was an active member of Council 10379 in Colfax, California. However, after moving to Oregon he did not connect with a council and ministries within the Church and waned in the Faith. When COVID hit Rich realized what he was missing and reconnected with his Catholic Faith which lead him to the richness of St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Group. Rich spoke of the Michaelmas Celebration on September 29, 2021, at Sacred Heart Chapel in Covina
The St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Group meets daily at 6 am PST and Monday through Friday at 6 pm PST on Zoom – 482 257 8985, password – shield