14 Jul 22 – Archbishop Viganò Defends Father Jesus Mary

Today’s Topics:

1) Archbishop Viganò comes to the defense of Father Jesus Mary

2) On Wednesday, the NEA voted to promote abortion-on-demand, “capping off a politically charged convention that encouraged teachers to ‘validate’ children experimenting with transgender ideology and homosexuality

3) Executive Order to “protect” abortion “Catholic” President Biden on Friday announced that he would defy the Supreme Court and state lawmakers by signing an executive order to federally “protect” and “expand access to” abortion. The Biden administration claimed in a briefing that the “only way” to secure women’s rights is through protecting Roe vs. Wade as “federal law.” The same memo argued that the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down Roe vs. Wade stripped women of their rights “to privacy, autonomy, freedom, and equality

4) Catholic 101 – Dr. Donald DeMarco writes about the Catholic view of the value of human life: “A material. It understands that he bears within himself the seal of a loving God and possesses an immortal soul. The stars will perish, but the human soul is imperishable