14 Nov 22 – Redemptive Suffering with Emmanuel Villalpando

Today’s Topics:

1) In this episode, we discuss redemptive suffering and the benefits of uniting our suffering with Christ crucified.

2) Emmanuel Villalpando is introduced and tells us about his journey, so far, in the Catholic faith. This journey has led him through many highs and lows as he initially tried to journey alone. This led him to attempt to consolidate a number of ministries under a single banner before Covid hit.

3) We discuss the founding of Omnia Catholic, which is the primary online resource for connecting Southern California young adults to learn, renew, and strengthen their faith. Emmanuel tells us how through this organization young Catholics are assisted in finding other like minded individuals, which helps keep us faithful and assists in deepening that faith,

4) We discuss the suffering Emmanuel and other singles have felt but suffering is a deep mystery of life. Although we may not feel it at the time, what our faith tells us about suffering is that God never abandons us in it. With all suffering, there eventually comes a resurrection. To suffer is part of being a Christian. It is not easy, but God is with us just as He was with Jesus during His life on this earth.

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