15 May 23 – Science and the Catholic Church with Federico Perdomo

Today’s Topics:

1) In this episode, we discuss Science and the Catholic Church. It is a common myth that the Catholic Church is anti-science, but in reality, both the Church and science are in pursuit of the truth. The Catholic Church has supported the sciences from the earliest days and as a result has been instrumental in advances the sciences has made,

2) We are joined by Federico Perdomo, who is a member of the St. Michael’s Shield Prayer Group, even though he lives in Nevada. He learned of this group from an early episode of Knight Moves, when a few members of the Group were guests on Knight Moves,

3) Federico provides a summary of his journey as a Catholic man, how it has inspired his family and his life. He provides a quick description of a pilgrimage he will be taking with some of his family, to the Holy Land,

4) The impact Catholicism has had on science and how Catholic Religious (Priests, Monks, and Sisters) have advanced the sciences through their active participation is discussed. It is through man’s search for the truth that we begin to see God in everything.

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