20 Sep 21 – We’re On A Mission From God

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Today’s Topics:

1) Greg reads the Letter from Saint James 2:14-18 which encapsulates the Mission of the Knights of Columbus and how Knight Moves highlights this mission

2) Monsignor Austin Doran, the Pastor of St. Anthony Church in San Gabriel in California, gives his story about avoiding joining the Knights of Columbus for over 30 years as a priest. He relented in 2010 and become a founding member of Council 15089, St. Anthony, Finder of the Lost. Today he speaks fondly of the dedication of the Knights in his home Council

3) Grand Knight Frank Nevarez joins Mark and Greg to tell the story of his journey deeper into his Catholic Faith through the invitation of Father Austin and Brother Knight Sammy Vargas who asked him to join the K of C

4) Mark leads off this segment by reading a portion of the encyclical from Saint John Paul II, “Redemptoris Missio.” Both guests join the conversation to describe how the Knights at St. Anthony fulfill the charge from Saint John Paul II