23 Jan 23 – Compassionate Knights

Today’s Topics:

1)  Compassion means to suffer with, as opposed to pity which deals with alleviating one’s own discomfort.  Compassion is rooted in love of neighbor instead of self.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that God had compassion on us because He sent His Son to visit us.  We in turn show compassion by visiting the sick

2)  The Knights of Columbus has many programs that stem from the virtue of compassion and are under the Faith in Action initiative.  Sir Knight Louis Salvatore joins the show and tells his story of getting deeper into his Catholic faith through joining the Knights of Columbus

3)  Louis rejoins and shares stories of his efforts with the American Wheelchair Mission.  The following link to the video referenced by Louis gives a snapshot of the good works being performed by Knights across the globe

4)  In the final segment Louis continues with more tales about Knight activities with the American Wheelchair Mission both domestically and in foreign countries.  For more information visit:

Louis’ contact information can be found in the California Knights of Columbus website:

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