25 Oct 21 – Widows and Orphans

Today’s Topics:

1) Greg and Mark read from the Catechism of the Church about the care of widows and orphans. They then read several of the many Bible verses that speak to the care of widows and orphans. Finally, the story of Blessed Fr. Michael J. McGivney and the loss of his father while he was in the seminary and how he left to care for his mother and siblings is read

2) Brother Knight and Fraternal Insurance Agent Jeff Storey joins the team and talks about his journey as a Catholic and in the Knights of Columbus

3) Jeff tells of his experiences of providing care for the widows of Brother Knights of Columbus. He also tells how the proceeds from the insurance program benefits society in general; from giving to the families of all first responders who lost their lives on 9/11, whether they were Knights or not; to giving to the Vicarius Christi Fund for the Pope

4) The discussion continues about how not only money is given, but how mostly the Knights volunteer their time. Brother Knights who have passed are remembered through the Chalice Program and an annual memorial Mass