26 Dec 22 – The 12 Days of Christmas

Today’s Topics:

1) The Christmas song, “The 12 Days of Christmas”, whether intentional or not, has significant connections to the teachings of our Catholic faith. Mark and Greg detail those connections in the first segment for the first seven days.

2) The guys continue detailing the “hidden” meanings in the lyrics and how that is used to teach the faith. Mark introduces the guest, Richard Marciniak, who is the State Council Chairman for Life Legislative Advocacy within the Knight of Columbus California State Council. Richard discusses his early life up to joining the Knights

3) Richard rejoins and discusses the different Knights of Columbus activities as they relate to the “Culture of Life.” Some of the activities are: “The Ultrasound Initiative,” “The Special Olympics,” “The San Antonio Boys Home”

4) In the final segment the discussion turns again to the good works that the Knights of Columbus perform in the service to both the Church and the community, with a final emphasis on “The School Choice Initiative” which while not an official Knights program is important to all good Catholic men and their ability to provide proper education to their children. For more information please follow the link below:

Theme: “Salve Regina” performed by Floriani. All rights reserved. Used with permission. For more information please visit Floriani.org