26 Sep 22 – Archangels

Today’s Topics:

1) In this episode we discuss the Archangels. In the first segment, a Catholic definition of an Angel is provided along with the description of the various choirs of the angels. The Archangels stand before God and therefore are uniquely positioned to provide heavenly intercession when we ask for it,

2) In the second segment, the show discusses the Archangel Saint Raphael. The Hebrew translation of Saint Raphael is “God Heals.”  We look at the scripture passages that reference Saint Raphael and discuss why it is important to invoke his intercession when we need spiritual healing,

3) In the third segment, Archangel Saint Gabriel is the focus. A review of the scripture references to Saint Gabriel is undertaken along with how he is important to the show’s location. Saint Gabriel is Hebrew for “God is strong” and provides courage to those he interacts with on earth,

4) In the final segment, a look at Archangel Saint Michael is provided. Again, we look at the instances in scripture Saint Michael is referenced and how as the “Prince of the Heavenly Hosts” he thrusts the dragon, Satan, into hell. He is, therefore, the defender of the Holy Church and thus we invoke his intercession at the end of each Mass. The feast day for Saint Michael is known as Michaelmas and was traditionally a celebration similar to Christmas.

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