27 Feb 23 – The Real Presence with Thomas McKenna

Today’s Topics:

1) In the first segment we discuss the Real Presence of Jesus within the Holy Eucharist; Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. To illustrate this point, we discuss several recent Eucharistic miracles, where science has demonstrated the Real Presence exists in the Host. We also briefly discuss the tragic loss of our local Bishop David O’Connell.

2) In the second segment, we introduce our guest Sir Knight Thomas McKenna, the Founder and President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family and St. Gianna Physicians Guild. Thomas tells us about his life growing up on a farm but was always a faithful Catholic. From an early age, Thomas was drawn to evangelize those who were in need of the Catholic faith.

3) In this segment, our guest Thomas McKenna, tells us about the latest project which is printing and distributing a treatise by Cardinal Raymond Burke, entitled “Deny Holy Communion?” This work, which has been distributed to every Priest and Bishop in the United States, details the Canonical basis for refusing the Holy Eucharist to those who have publicly remain unworthy to receive the Holy Eucharist.

4) In the final segment, Thomas and the guys discuss the importance of believing in the True Presence. Thomas also discusses the link between the secrets of Fatima and the unworthy reception of the Holy Eucharist. In denying a publicly unworthy communicant, the minister of the Holy Eucharist is, in true charity, saving them from eternal damnation.

Links: https://www.catholicaction.org/     https://nccfcommunity.org/

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