27 Jun 22 – The Value of Life with John Hinterlong

Today’s Topics:

1) The show opens with the revelation that on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of Saint John the Baptist, the Supreme Court has ruled in Dobbs v. Jackson essentially overturning both Roe (1973) and Casey (1986). While this is a day of celebration, we should pray for all those who are opposed to the decision to be converted to respecting the right to life of the unborn,

2) John Hinterlong, the Chairman of the Right to Life League, joins the show to discuss this Dobbs ruling and what it means for the Pro-Life efforts. He states that this battle may be over but the war is still being waged,

3) Mark shares a video of his trip with John to DC for a Novena for Life event at the same time as Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed and the atmosphere surrounding that event and how that will most likely be repeated now,

4) The final segment reports on the joint statement from Archbishop Gomez (President of the USCCB) and Archbishop Lori (K of C Supreme Chaplain and USCCB Chairman for Pro-Life committee) regarding the Dobbs ruling.  They have declared that this is a historic event and the start of an era of love for unborn children and their families.

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