28 Feb 22 – Saint Joseph

Today’s Topics:

1) This episode focuses on the Patriarch of the Church – Saint Joseph.  The show starts with a brief account of what is written in the Canon of the Church about him as well as what has been written in other, non-verifiable accounts.  Starting with the Gospel accounts of Saint Matthew and through the escape of the Holy Family to Egypt to avoid Herod’s wrath

2) The show continues with the accounts of Saint Joseph and his protection of the Holy Family as well as the virtues attributed to him through his actions regarding the safety and well-being of the Holy Family

3) The age of Saint Joseph has been a constant source of discussion.  Tradition held that Saint Joseph was of advanced age when he took Mary as his wife but more recent theories have suggested a much younger and virile Saint Joseph owing to his virtuous nature

4) There are many devotions to Saint Joseph that are discussed in this segment, including the Saint Joseph Icon through the Knights of Columbus, the devotion to the Sleeping Saint Joseph (practiced by Pope Francis), and the cord of Saint Joseph to name a few. The following link takes you to the Knights page on the Saint Joseph icon program for interested parties

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