29 Apr 21 – Health, Exorcism, and Therapy

Today’s Topics:

1) Pope’s Health Forum
– We must find our health from Christ
– Christ is the true healer – Mark 5:21-43
– When you hear about different “healing” modalities, always ask where the healing is coming from!

2) I Need an Exorcism- Patient Case Review in Spiritual Health
– Just because you have been involved in the occult and your life is out of order, does not mean you need an exorcism
– we can be sanctified and restored to order through the ordinary means of salvation
– Receive the Sacraments -especially confession
– Follow the 10 commandments
– Pray, Pray, Pray – especially the Rosary

3) Coffee and Therapy – Patient Case Review in Mental Health
– Anxiety and Depression and Addiction can come from sin, exist independently, or be a mix of both.

4) Holy Hour Challenge
– Faith, Hope and Love as a means to Peace of Mind, Body, and Soul
– Update on first three weeks of praying for the Virtue of Love during weekly Holy Hour
– Christ tells me – “Leaving so soon?”