30 Aug 22 – 22 Year-Old Thwarts Mass Shooting at Indiana Mall

Today’s Topics: 

1) A twenty-two-year-old is being praised for thwarting a likely mass shooting at an Indiana Mall on Sunday. Elisjsha Dicken was carrying a handgun legally under Indiana’s constitutional carry law when a gunman opened fire on random people. Dicken fired on the attacker while moving in his direction 

National Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage from the Arlington Cathedral to the Washington Cathedral 

2) A malformed Priest like this modernist is precisely the problem we’re having in the Church. There are many like him and he speaks for many malformed clergymen

Will even one Bishop speak out? This is an example of how the Catholic Church has been corrupted from within

3) Terrific article on Catholic Charities and how it has lost its way. It is Catholic in name only and by accepting huge government subsidies it has lost its Catholic identity and has played into the welfare state mentality

4) What is manhood?  Sword-wielding warriors, Vikings on the prows of ships, kings passing judgment — is this the pinnacle of masculinity? Derek Rotty says no: “It took me a long time to learn that manhood is not about popularity, athletic prowess, or money… Real masculinity is about becoming smaller so another person can become bigger.” Here’s how chastity and charity help men become who they are meant to be