30 Jan 23 – The Culture of Life

Today’s Topics:

1) Greg and Mark talk about their experience assisting the Archdiocese of Los Angeles with their annual pro-life event, One Life LA.  Greg speaks about the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life as demonstrated by the eight encyclicals written by popes over the last 100 years,

2) Mark continues to read the Wall Street Journal article “What it Means to be Pro-Life” written by the Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly.  Sir Knight David Flores is introduced and he tells his Catholic faith journey and road to joining the Knights of Columbus,

3) Brother Knight David Flores shares his experience as a school board member for the City of El Monte in California.  In this capacity, he was assigned to a special task force to identify the needs of native American Indians and their curriculum needs.  He describes the differences between the Protestant Americans and the Catholic Spanish and French attitudes towards the inclusion of the Indians within their respective societies,

4) In the final segment David discusses the role the Knights of Columbus played in resolving the conflicts between the Mexican socialist government and the Catholic Cristeros.  The movie, “For Greater Glory,” tells the story of the Cristeros.  David also talks about the pro-life movie, “Bella.”  Both movies star Brother Knight Eduardo Verastegui.

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