Jesus 911

Three ex-cops on fire with the Catholic Faith: Jesse Romero, Eddie Chavez and Ruben Nava share true stories of spiritual warfare from the streets of L.A. Join the SOUL PATROL as they take on the world, the flesh and the devil with “just the facts!”

10 Dec 2019 – Islamists Break the 2nd Commandment

Today’s Topics: 1) The 2nd Commandment: Do Not Misuse God’s Name The worst of all sins in the Bible is laid out in the 2nd Commandment: Doing evil in God’s Name, and it’s something Islamists are doing every day 2,3) Will the Koran Be Your Child’s Next Textbook 4) You’re going to feel …

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06 Dec 2019 – Mortal Sin; Witches; The Afterlife

Today’s Topics: 1) What is a Mortal Sin 2)These witches and Wiccans say their coven is a ‘family’ 3, 4) Have you seen the new scientific evidence on an afterlife?

05 Dec 2019 – The West Must Return to the Faith

Today’s Topics: 1,2) The West must return to the faith or perish 3,4) Four exorcists urge a day of fasting, prayer and reparation on 06 Dec 2019 6?fbclid=IwAR1dwdt1012x3DwszfLKp3BNX6jtMpmK6Gijwty2z6BFAZ5XJ8ymfUEzL3w  

03 Dec 2019 – A Priest’s Martyrdom

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3) Photos of this Priest’s martyrdom were meant to dissuade Catholics; that’s not what happened 4) Saint Raphael a powerful healer for anyone suffering right now

02 Dec 2019 – Padre Pio Feared Amongst Demons Because of Christ the Conquering King

Today’s Topics: 1] “Padre Pio Is often With Me During Exorcisms, And The Devil Fears Him” – 2,3,4] Jesus conquers Satan  –

28 Nov 2019 – Catholic Facts on Thanksgiving

Today’s Topics: 1] This Thanksgiving, say a prayer for the great hero Squanto! 2] 6 Interesting Catholic Thanksgiving Facts you need to know by Dr Taylor Marshall –