Jesus 911

Three ex-cops on fire with the Catholic Faith: Jesse Romero, Eddie Chavez and Ruben Nava share true stories of spiritual warfare from the streets of L.A. Join the SOUL PATROL as they take on the world, the flesh and the devil with “just the facts!”

08 Jul 2019 – Hail Satan? Never!

Today’s Topics: 1] A Catholic bishop in Colombia is borrowing a navy helicopter on July 14 to bless the city with holy water. “We have to get rid of the devil,” said Monsignor Rubén Darío Jaramillo Montoya 2] Government meeting opens with ‘Hail Satan’ prayer – The Elder Statement 3,4] Why Satanism Is …

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05 Jul 2019 – The Devil is no Myth

Today’s Topic:   Many Catholics have swallowed the modernist Kool-Aid and no longer belie that the devil exists.  That’s precisely what the devil WANTS: That you do not believe he exists.  Modernism is his tool to accomplish the destruction of souls 

04 Jul 2019 – REBROADCAST from 12 Mar 2019 – From Lukewarm Catholic to Soldier for Christ

Today’s Topics:   Ruben Nava’s story of how he went from being a lukewarm Catholic to a Soldier for Christ. There is no practice more profitable for our sanctification than the frequent meditation of the sufferings of Jesus Christ – St. Alphonsus De Liguori 

03 Jul 2019 – Satan in the Modern World

Today’s Topics: 1] Exhibit in Premier Vatican University Showcases the Demonic – 2] Fighting Satan on the Last Frontier 3,4] A Call to Protest the Growing Threat from Satanism by John Horvat II

02 Jul 2019 – Our Goal as Catholics: To Die a Holy Death

Today’s Topics: 1,2] Ruben Nava will share about the death of his mother, the promises of the rosary and how to die a holy death.                                                                                                                       3, 4] Why We Need Alpha Males. Somebody has to fight the wolves. Devin Foley | May 24, 2016 –

01 Jul 2019 – Questions & Answers on Spiritual Warfare

Today’s Topic: 1] What about mediums? I love watching ‘the long island medium’ she talks a lot about God – 1a] How are demons different from the devil – 2] Why is the Hail Mary prayer fear by demons and the devil – 2a] Why does the devil react with such frenzy …

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28 Jun 2019 – Courageous Priest & Evil Mother

Today’s Topics: 1] US Priest Performs Exorcism Outside Irish Abortion Clinic – 1a] This past Sunday an Irving Texas mom Tisha Sanchez was arrested for the murder of her 8-year-old son by suffocation, Tisha Sanchez claims demons told her to sacrifice him – 2] Four common tactics of the devil by Msgr Pope …

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26 Jun 2019 – Black Mass and a Reformed Satanist

Today’s Topics: 1] How the Satanic Black Mass Proves the Truth of Catholicism 2] Three Ex-Satanists Come Home to the Catholic Church –