Liber Christo War College Situation Room

Fr. Chad Ripperger, Jesse Romero, Kyle Clement and Dan Schneider help to explain how to fight the spiritual battle day to day!

09 Sep 2020 – Father Ripperger: Modernism’s Effects on Natural Law

Today’s Topics: 1, 2, 3, 4) Modernism’s Effect on Natural Law: Jesse Romero and & Dr. Dan Schneider discuss Father Ripperger’s lecture     

02 Sep 2020 – Father Ripperger: Usurpation, Dereliction & Diabolic Retaliation

Today’s Topics: 1-4) Fr Ripperger (Exorcist) speaks on “usurpation, dereliction & diabolic retaliation.” Dr Dan Schneider explains the fine points.

26 Aug 2020 – Father Chad Ripperger: Demonic Compliance as a Result of Authority; How Demons Attack Authority

Today’s Topics: 1-4)  Fr Chad Ripperger – demonic compliance as a result of authority/ how demons attack authority structures/ ‘gnomes’ and rights and authority.

19 Aug 2020 – Father Chad Ripperger: Should Reason be Influenced by Emotion or by Authority & Rights?

Today’s Topics: 1-4)  Fr Chad Ripperger (Exorcist), 23:10:05 – 33:52:03 Should reason be influenced by emotion or influenced by authority & rights.

12 Aug 2020 – Father Ripperger on Power and Authority Defined by Scholastics

Today’s Topics: 1-3) Fr Ripperger lecture –,12:12:12 – 23:10:04 (power and authority defined by scholastics). Dr Schneider highlights bullet points from the lecture. 4] Comment on the Exorcism ritual done by the CFR’s over the USA.

05 Aug 2020 – How Protestant Models Became the Norm for Deliverance

Today’s Topics: 1-4] Liber Christo War College Situation Room – Fr Ripperger lecture –, how Protestant models became the norm for deliverance. Dan & Kyle discuss bullet points from the lecture.  

15 Jul 2020 – Father Ripperger: The Difference between Power & Authority within Catholic Deliverance Ministries (Pt III)

Today’s Topics: 1-4) Fr. Ripperger lectures about “power & authority“ as it relates to lay people involved ‘healing & deliverance.” If we don’t get this right the issue of power and authority, we get nothing right. Kyle Clement breaks this down in layman’s terms.