No Nonsense Catholic

Good information about the Catholic faith is more readily available today than ever before. Yet, there is still widespread confusion about Catholic belief and practice. Officially, it is the job of the Catholic bishops to clear up such confusion. But in the current reality, lay Catholics need to take it upon themselves to know, share, and defend their faith.

Every week Catholic author and speaker Matthew Arnold gives clear and simple witness to the Catholic Faith without obscuring, complicating, or watering down the exclusive claims of Christ and His Church.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said, “I am the way and the truth and the life… and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 14.6; 8.32). And that is no nonsense.

03 Jun 2020 – Are there Relics of Jesus & Mary?

Today’s Topics: 1) Treasures of Our Tradition: A No Nonsense Catholic Guide to Sacred Relics 2) 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart as a Guide to Prayer 3) St John Paul II and Mary, Mother of the Church 4) What is the only sector of the Church that is growing today?

20 May 2020 – The Truth About the Crusades

Today’s Topics: 1) The “Primacy of Conscience” 2, 3, 4) The Truth About the Crusades 

06 May 2020 – May is for Mary; Will the Real Vatican II Please Stand Up?

Today’s Topics: 1) Seven Ways to Honor Mary in May under Covid-19 Restrictions 2) Will the Real Vatican II Please Stand Up? Confronting the “Spirit of Vatican II” 3) Katholic Kryptonite: Is the Catholic Church Anti-Science? 4) The Truth About the Resurrection of the Body

29 Apr 2020 – The Church & the Spirit

Today’s Topics: 1) Corona virus: God brings good from evil 2) Is there a “Synoptic problem”? 3) Is the Catholic Church the “One True Church” of Christ? 4) The Gift of the Holy Spirit

22 Apr 2020 – How to Put on the Armor of God

Today’s Topics: 1) The “Greatest Verse” – John 3.16 2) How to Put on the “Armor of God” 3) Why do Catholics Call their priests “Father”? 4) Overview of New Featured Segments

15 Apr 2020 – How do You know Jesus Really Rose from the Dead?

Today’s Topics 1) What is a No Nonsense Catholic? 2) How do You know Jesus Really Rose from the Dead? 3) Saint John Paul II’s No Nonsense Plan for Catholics in the 3rd Millennium 4) Words from St John Paul II for All Suffering due to the Coronavirus