No Nonsense Catholic

Good information about the Catholic faith is more readily available today than ever before. Yet, there is still widespread confusion about Catholic belief and practice. Officially, it is the job of the Catholic bishops to clear up such confusion. But in the current reality, lay Catholics need to take it upon themselves to know, share, and defend their faith.

Every week Catholic author and speaker Matthew Arnold gives clear and simple witness to the Catholic Faith without obscuring, complicating, or watering down the exclusive claims of Christ and His Church.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said, ‚ÄúI am the way and the truth and the life‚Ķ and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free‚ÄĚ (John 14.6; 8.32). And that is no nonsense.

21 Sep 22 – Encore: The Best Kept Secret of Vatican II

Today’s Topics: 1) The White Tree of Gondor and the Theological Virtues 2, 3, 4a) The Best Kept Secret of Vatican II¬†¬† 4b) The Final Mystical Vision of Saint Padre Pio

07 Sep 22 – A Change is Coming to Confession: What You Need to Know

Today’s Topics: 1)¬†Galatians 3:16-22;¬†Luke 17:11-19 2)¬†There are changes coming to a confessional near you! Five reasons why Catholics don‚Äôt evangelize¬† Five bible verses to help you find joy¬† 3, 4) Five bible verses to help you find joy¬†(cont.); Do we really trust in God?

31 Aug 22 – Ten Memorable Sayings of Our Lord

Today’s Topics: 1)¬†Sir3:17-18, 20, 28-29;¬†Heb12:18-19, 22-24a;¬†Lk14:1; 7-14 2, 3) “Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day Award” – “Webster’s has a Word for It Award” 4) Ten Memorable Sayings of Our Lord

03 Aug 22 – You Can’t Take It with You

Today’s Topics: 1)¬†Luke 12:13-21 New Catholic Bible 2)¬†Arlington Bishop divides Catholics in the name of unity 3)¬†¬†Should saying Mass at the beach be a crime? 4)¬†Enjoy being a loser Persecution and Peace of Soul

27 Jul 22 – Of Rites and Rights

Today’s Topics: 1)¬†Rom. 6.19-23;¬†Matt. 7.15-21 2) Do Priests need permission to say the Traditional Mass? 3) Putting on the Armor of God 4) Salvation by Faith Alone?

20 Jul 22 – Whatever Happened to Latin in the Latin Rite?

Today’s Topics:¬† 1) Luke 10:38-42 (New Catholic Bible) The story of Martha and Mary¬† 2, 3) History of Latin in the Mass¬† 4) Reflections on the Anniversary of Traditionis Custodes