29 May 2019 – Morning Demons, Deliverance & Exorcism

Today’s Topics:   1,2] Getting Up in the Morning: Our First Spiritual Battle Fr. John Portavella –    3,4] What to Know about Catholic Deliverance and Exorcism  

24 May 2019 – Artificial Intelligence, Luciferian?

Today’s Topics:   1,2] Artificial Intelligence, Captivating Brainchild of Lucifer   3,4] Exorcist Oppressed by Satan After this priest was made diocesan exorcist in 2005 Satan oppressed him to the point that he could not pray and assured him he would be a failure whom Satan would personally drag to hell. Things worsened until …

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23 May 2019 – The Truth about Communion in the Hand

Today’s Topics:  

22 May 2019 – Mary to the Rescue

Today’s Topics:   1,2] Exorcists Witness: Mary, Defender Against Demons   3,4] Vatican Opens up Exorcism Summit to Non-Catholics as Satanic Groups Rise  

21 May 2019 – Marian Apparitions

Today’s Topics: