01 Jul 2019 – Questions & Answers on Spiritual Warfare

Today’s Topic:

1] What about mediums? I love watching ‘the long island medium’ she talks a lot about God – https://jesseromero.com/blog/long-island-medium-safe-watch

1a] How are demons different from the devil – https://jesseromero.com/blog/how-are-demons-different-devil

2] Why is the Hail Mary prayer fear by demons and the devil – https://jesseromero.com/blog/holy-mother-feared-demons

2a] Why does the devil react with such frenzy when Jesus dies on the cross – https://jesseromero.com/blog/why-does-devil-react-such-frenzy-when-jesus-dies-cross

3,4] Cardinal BERNARDIN: HOMOSEXUAL PREDATOR SATANIST. The unraveling of the cover-up. https://www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-bernardin-homosexual-predator-satanist