02 Sep 2020 – Biden Crime Bill put more Blacks in Prison than any other Law

Today’s Topics:

1) Gospel – Luke4:38-44 Our Lord the Healer & Exorcist.

Bishop Sheen quote of the day                                                                                           

2] Biden played key role in pushing US to take hard line stances on crime in 1990s, and now he’s apologizing as 2020 looms https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-apologizes-for-pushing-hardline-laws-on-crime-immigration-in-1990s-2019-1

3] Black lives matter is a hate group – http://catholicmonitor.blogspot.com/2020/08/black-live-matters-is-hate-group.html?m=1

4] Consecrate Russia now – https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/consecrate-russia-now-why


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