09 May 24 – Does Sleep Deprivation Lead to Suicide?

How can sleep affect our mental health? How does mental health affect our prayer life? Only until very recently, there was little scientific research to back this idea up – and as a result, sleep treatments have been overlooked as a potential remedy for poor mental health and lack of focus in prayer. Join Dr. Luis Sandoval, a Catholic Psychiatrist, to promote the importance of sleep.

Today’s Topics:

1, 2, 3, 4) In today’s show we take a look at insomnia and what can potentially cause deprivation of sleep, and if there is a link to eventual suicide

Does sleep deprivation lead to suicide? There are a lot of reasons that someone might take their life and we don’t always have the answers as to why. In this article, this mother believes that sleep deprivation let her son taking his life: