19 Oct 22 – Bishop Decries Humanitarian Crisis Amid Migrant Surge

Today’s Topics: 

1) Gospel – LK 12:39-48 – Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.

Memorial of Saints John de Brebeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs
Saints John, Isaac, and Companions, pray for us! 

Bishop Sheen quote of the day 

2) Bishop decries humanitarian crisis amid migrant surge: Bishop Hugo Torres Marín of Apartadó this week decried the humanitarian crisis near the border with Panama as thousands of people are exposed to theft, human trafficking, and death, crossing the Darién jungle on their way to the United States

3) Cardinal Gerhard Müller spoke about the papal silence surrounding the arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen and the Synod on Synodality, saying the Catholic Church is facing “a hostile takeover” by people who “think that doctrine is like the program of a political party” that can be changed by votes

4) Update with Church Militant on news as it relates to the Church & Culture