23 May 24 – Therapy From the Saints

Catholic Psychiatrist & Medical Doctor, Dr. Luis Sandoval, encourages those who have a stigma against going to therapy to then turn to the saints. There is nothing wrong with going to therapy or visiting a doctor. Still, there are some people who think that therapy may not be for them. Dr. Luis Sandoval offers us a solution. By turning to the Saints of the Catholic Church, one can find advice or share stories to help bring peace of mind. There are thousands of Saints in the Catholic Church and we can find all kinds of related experiences from those who are closer to Christ then we are. Getting closer to Christ may not feel good at first but no one is cured from one therapy session, either.

Today’s Topics:

1, 2, 3, 4) Do we always need to go to see a therapist when we are feeling down? Sometimes it our soul that is in need of therapy

Here are some inspirational quotes from the saints and the Bible that serve as medicine for the soul