27 May 2020 – Prayer Shaming – New Front in the Culture War

Today’s Topics:

1) Gospel –  John 17:11-19 May they beone just as we are one.

Bishop Sheen quote of the day

2] Prayer shaming – a new front in the culture war https://www.returntoorder.org/2018/03/prayer-shaming-new-front-culture-war/?pkg=rtoe0960

3] ‘Sex at birth’:Hungary bans people from legally changing their gender https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/19/hungary-bans-transgender-birth-certificate-changes/
4] Pakistani Imam Turns From Islam to Follow Christ https://www.mnnonline.org/news/pakistani-imam-turns-from-islam-to-follow-christ/

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