30 Sep 22 – Walking with Generation Z: Steps Towards Virtue

Today’s Topics:

1) Gospel – Lk 10:13-16 – Whoever listens to you listens to Me. Whoever rejects you rejects Me. And whoever rejects Me rejects the One Who sent Me.

Memorial of Saint Jerome, Priest and Doctor of the Church
Saint Jerome, pray for us!

Bishop Sheen quote of the day

2, 3) Walking with Generation Z: Steps Toward Flourishing. We must help young people see that, through our own efforts, we will often fall short of living a virtuous life. But with God’s grace and forgiveness, we can be strengthened and transformed 

4) Structure for success: Looking to bring some structure to your spiritual life? The “5S methodology” is a tried and true way for workers to share tasks and get things done. Many of its principles and practices can help Catholics keep their spiritual senses sharp in order to draw closer to JesusChrist